SEO/SEM: Armstrong Painting and Roofing

Strategized and Built PPC AdWords Campaign and Geo-Targeted SEO Campaign Targeting Both B2C and B2B Leads

Refined PPC Campaign to Average $50 Cost-Per-Lead

Online Sales Grew From Nearly Non-Existent to $250,000 in Monthly Revenue

Also Designed and Built This Website (circa 2010)

SEM: CoyotePoint Systems PPC Advertising Campaign

As an SEM consultant, I acquired management of existing PPC campaigns from a marketing agency, and with an existing budget of $10,000+ per month, created new, improved campaigns.


Within 6 months, performance improvements due to my efforts included:

Increase in CTR by 325%

Increase in total clicks by over 300%

Decrease in average CPC by 67%

SEM: SF Realtors PPC Advertising Campaign

As an SEM consultant for CERES Consulting Group, I strategized, built and managed AdWords PPC campaign for SF Realtors with a $3,000/month budget, with the goal of driving as much quality traffic to the website with the given budget.  AdWords traffic continually yielded the highest # of pages per visit from new users.

SEO: Weberpower

Grew From a Start-Up to #1 Dealer in the World

Growth Was Almost Solely Due to SEO Marketing Efforts

Grew From a Start-Up to #1 Dealer in the World